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Zoe Koperski //

The aim of my artwork is to provoke the audience to re-evaluate that which they would usually overlook, and from that gain the ability to expand their knowledge.

I focus on analysing modern culture and spirituality in contemporary society through the use of subversion, humour and irony.
I use quotidian objects and re-establish them into tongue-in-cheek, yet intricately embellished votives for modern society. Updating traditional objects using contemporary images that contradict the preconceived ideas that come with them, whilst pointing out the humour in these contradictions and similarities.

I use media often associated with craft to challenge stereotypes of the form as well as the content, forcing you to rebrand craft as an art object.
The time consuming nature of the materials I use is due to my interest in how the legitimacy of an object is changed when time and effort have been poured into it; trash becomes treasure and the mundane becomes significant.

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