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Suffragette Century

Twinkle Troughton //

I am inspired by Britishness and history. My works are directly influenced by current British social political factors and seek out influences from Britain as it existed decades and centuries ago.
I use a very methodical process in my paintings both in concept and execution. I have been developing my style and technique for a few years now and mainly use acrylic and Image Maker on canvas. Occasionally other materials are employed, especially in the initial stages including media based and found imagery.
The content of my work can be satirical with dark undertones. It can also be nostalgic, political and serious. Some of my works are quite simple while others are more complex and layered.
There isn’t one singular message in my works, each piece deals with a different scenario and ideas. Much of my new work is questioning a lot of our cultural habits inherited through generations. I’m looking at how on the surface of time everything changes yet underneath many things don’t change at all.
I find influence in places like the National Portrait Gallery or in books on Victorian Art for example. Novelists such as Charles Dickens and quotes and written words from influential and cultural figures from our history have a large part to play in my ideas and inspirations.

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1 Response to Suffragette Century

  1. Vivian Vile says:

    Check out Twinkle’s blog:
    Twinkle and artist Tinsel Edwards are going to be at the Debut Contemporary Gallery on July 30th turning people’s unwanted trash to treasure.

    They are asking people to bring an unwanted object that they can ‘upcycle’ into a piece of art, along with a donation for their chosen charity, The Ubuntu Education Fund

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