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The View 2011

Jenny Leonard //

In travel and in painting I search for a world within a world.
My work is derived from experiences backpacking and the sense of physical and emotional dislocation in strange, foreign places. I am interested in the picturesque and the tourist ideal, the way the world is framed in a photograph and the need to explore, capture and conquer. In the aftermath of travel I discover a space to contemplate these anonymous landscapes in a placeless world through painting.
I indulge in the formations of simple landscape compositions, exploring the marks I crave in the picture and the sights I pursue in travel. The paintings emerge as a kind of fantasy idyllic backdrop with the familiar among the abstract, where inventive forms compete with existing objects.
During the intuitive process of painting, absurdities surface in the picture, reducing the complex scenery to simple, comprehendible forms in a simple brushstroke – resulting in a generic and universally understood landscape, however peculiar.
This exercise becomes the final stage and reflection of my travels.

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