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Mechanical long tailed tit

Jennifer Maidment //

I was born in Leeds, 1984; I grew up in the North of England and happily moved South in pursuit of knowledge and other creative ventures at 18.

Thanks to The University of Reading, Wimbledon College of Art and some heavy loans I now have a BA (Reading) and an MA (Wimbledon) in fine art.

As well as working to commission/brief I am also fascinated by life’s little things – my personal work explores the creation of a fabricated parallel world, built up from elements of the nature and culture to which I am exposed in reality. Through my practice I develop fictional/incomplete narratives in each individual piece of work, which ask the viewer to read into and therefore complete the depicted scene. My written work/research explores themes of global guilt and the pursuit of happy endings.

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  1. Various pieces of my work will be in the Dining Room Drawing Clubs Brighton exhibition at The Earth & Stars pub, on the evening of Fri 1st of July and all day Sat 2nd of July. All welcome, free admission, plenty of art and beer.

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