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Art is a mimesis of reality; the reality being the everyday. This reality that we have become accustomed to has been appropriated. This alternate ‘reality’, which has been created, embraces humorous obscurities by acknowledging the mundane and the ludicrous. The work is an investigation that explores where the alternate reality is present and where is ceases to exist.

As the study of these interpretations of the obscure commences through interdisciplinary means, what is asked of the viewer is their engagement. The spectator should approach the work with an open mind to experience this alternate world with alternate rules.

There are playful notions present amongst these ambiguities displayed through simplistic aesthetics, which mimics that of Postmodernist views. I have “become a manipulator of signs rather than a passive manipulator of the aesthetics”, (Obsborne and Sturgis, 2006)

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  1. Jenny Core says:

    Sunday Showcase!

    Trisickle Magazine have selected my work for a feature on their website.

    About Trisickle
    Trisickle is an exclusive urban street culture publication. We are inspired by art, photography, music, action sports, filming, fashion and street culture. As a brand we represent the national urban community and our publication is the perfect medium for unique and creative members of this community to communicate their talent. Discovering and featuring new talent is one of the central motivational factors behind our publication.

    More here:

  2. Jenny Core says:

    Art Pistol

    My work can now be purchased via the online gallery, Art Pistol!

    About Art Pistol:

    At Art Pistol you can buy original art for all tastes and budgets direct from undiscovered, emerging and established artists from all disciplines. We provide artists somewhere they can display work from any stage in the creative process – not just gallery ready works as is the norm. We are totally dedicated to making art more accessible and affordable to all.

  3. Jenny Core says:

    Young Tate Artist Showcase

    I have had my work selected for an online showcase for Young Tate. Thank you Young Tate!

  4. Jenny Core says:

    Upcoming Exhibitions:

    Online Project
    Failure Project 2011

    Work is now online as a part of the Failure Project curated by Bryan Eccleshall and Philip Northcott.

    24th September 2011
    Drawing Connections
    Siena Art Institute

    My work, ‘Drawing with Objects’, will be featured in the group exhibition, Drawing Connections, Siena.

    24th October – 6th November
    RNIB Exhibition
    The Lowry Outlet Mall
    Salford Quays

    Original artwork and prints available to buy in a group show to raise money for RNIB and to support artists practice.

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