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Sharon Reeves

My work has been increasingly exploring feminine identity and sexuality. Inspiration comes from the themes of suppression, inhibition, emotional resistance and freedom of expression of femininity, sexuality and self.
I am interested in the female psyche – how we could be empowered by owning our femininity and sexuality – not feel hindered or repressed by it.
Women are sexually objectified in a derogatory way – but if we can own it and be proud and confident to be feminine and sexy – we take back the power.
My work is informed by female visual and other artists and the way they have expressed the feminine state and feminist writings. Artists that particularly interest me are Nancy Spiro, Louise Bourgeois, Helen Chadwick, Tracey Emin and Francesca Woodman.
Media has included painting, drawing, etching, screen-printing, sculptural form, digital photography and video. I enjoy the process of art making as part of the expression of my ideas. It is important to me that I am the producer of my art.

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3 Responses to Licentia

  1. Lisa says:

    I love your work Sharon, this piece is fantastic and it really shows how you put your soul into your creations. Keep up the good work, can’t wait to see more of your art.

  2. Wow, Sharon! What a journey you have made from Domino to this place. Keep evolving.

  3. Dave Earl says:

    you know I love this image so follow what you believe and believe in what you follow

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