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Katarina Strasser_She was the precise reflection of all things beautiful

Katarina Strasser

My practice encompasses sculptural works, photography and film. Instead of separating them into single media, I am combining all of them, aiming to form a new entity of work altogether.
The finished work shows a combination of a sensuality encircling everyday situations, and an exploration of poetic structures of the human body, nature, spaces and objects. The material qualities of the work, a mixture of moving and static elements, are creating a potential narrative. A narrative trail that explores a universal yet personal analysis of objects and textures, formations and abstractions, order and disorder, people and spaces, trivialities and significances.

“What a secret language we talk, undertones, overtones, nuances, abstractions, symbols […] What we analyze inexorably, will it die?” Anais Nin – Henry and June

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