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I wouldn’t say that I was an exceptionally gifted or talented artist. Most of the time I wouldn’t really call myself an artist, because that would be derogatory to artists. Art is just one of the things that I ever enjoyed doing and if there’s one thing I am it’s persistent. I am greatly inspired by The Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements and have a taste for all things gothic and slightly macabre. I wish I still lived in the 30s, everything was so much more beautiful back then. I like taking a beautiful picture and slightly twisting it so that every time you look at it you spot something that you hadn’t noticed before.

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with art, I paint what I want to paint, when I want to paint it. Sometimes I can go for months without picking up a paint brush, sometimes I can’t stand for a paintbrush to be out of my hand for longer than five minutes. For me, art isn’t forced or contrived; it’s the tiny momentary seed of inspiration that moves you to create something. And for me, that’s true beauty.

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