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Collecting fossils in 2058 // Oil on Canvas // 2010 // 114x99cms

Tinsel Edwards //

In my paintings, social, political and cultural observations are entwined with personal and auto-biographical narrative.

Working with oil on canvas or acrylic on wood, I often incorporate text into my work in the form of slogans and anecdotes. I create paintings which explore and comment on a variety of themes, such as the wealth divide, consumerism, the economic situation, war and the intrusions of bureaucracy.

I’m inspired by the spirit of Punk, DIY culture and rebellion, these ideas continually inform my practice, and alongside the social commentary my work seeks to promote individual creative action and responsibility.

Recently I have been working on a body of new paintings which explore the human condition. Revealing the inner thoughts, fears and hopes of individuals, I want the paintings to illustrate a snapshot of our everyday concerns as a generation. I’m also using visual reference to generations past to highlight the transience and fragility of life. The aim is to reveal our individual and personal thoughts in the context of the bigger picture of space and time, to produce a collection of paintings that will be both insightful and empowering.

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