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Megan Pickering //

My work is an exploration into gender politics and I am currently looking at the continual importance of feminism in today’s society. Women are still the poorest in every country, still objectified, victimised, raped and still do not receive justice within in the legal system, and these are just a few examples of the issues my work deals with. I also use my work to question the wider idea of a pre-conceived and pre-constructed notion of what gender is in contemporary society. I am currently studying Fine Art at Chelsea School of Art and my artwork is continuously developing. I use a range of mediums from print, photography and body art to political activism, video, sound and text. Alongside Chelsea I have become actively involved with Tate Britain, I am part of Tate Forum a youth panel at Tate Britain, following on from earlier work I have done with the Baltic gallery in Gateshead, and as a Young Lead Officer with the Arts Council.

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