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My professional practice stems from an overtly figurative use of graphite and oils. My work is based on current affairs, social issues and the way in which they are documented in the Media. At present we are bombarded with so much unfiltered information that crucial issues are often overlooked. Likewise, we view such a plethora of depressing imagery and shock tactic headlines that we have become almost dehumanised to an individual’s tragedy. With such a volume of statistics and crude data being continuously thrown at us-is it just easier to overlook the harsh reality of the facts?

Too frequently are we told what to think, feel and do. I therefore try to pose questions to viewers, and offer a platform for them to readdress this through the use of ambiguity and omission.

I enjoy obscuring what the audience would ‘normally’ view as the salient part of a scenario or scene. Likewise, I leave areas unfinished, blurred or blank for the audience to fill in themselves. This shift in structure and emphasis often leads to a sense of unrest within my pieces, and a distinct feeling that there are much more sinister undertones lurking beneath the surface.

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  1. wearevv says:

    VV Duo Show // Girls on Top // Dead Dolls Club // 4th August 2011

    “Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them”. – Act II, Scene V, Twelfth Night, Shakespeare

    Featuring a new series of work by VV collective co-founders, Ellie Green and Bex Massey will be examining the way women are represented in both the media and the arts.

    For more info see:
    Or check the facebook event:

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