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Faye West //

I have always been interested in portraiture and faces. I stare at features all the time. From this simple interest I have always drawn them. I like to see a human in a picture because for me that’s an invitation to a story or a snapshot for posterity.
As a teenager I started copying miniatures from Antique books. And then it was images from both Fashion and Music.
I like to use subject matter (which would often lean towards rock and roll ) that contrasts with the delicate pencil lines and transparent colours I favour, building them up to create brash make-up and clothes.

However, although there are rules I adhere to, learnt from childhood Saturday Art Club regarding watercolours in particular. I have started to break away from them where I have been working from photographs shot at night with heavy, dark backgrounds. I use Indian inks mixed with blues, browns and greens and white acrylics to highlight hair and skin. Attempting luminosity and flashing light.

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