Finally we have some solid data to back up our suspicions that women in London are hugely under-represented in the Arts. We tip our hats to the wonderful ELF girls for their hard work and dedication. Lets get to work VV girls. VVxx

Great East London Art Audit

All eyes are on London this weekend, as Frieze Art Fair 2012 showcases the best the art world has to offer to members of the public and art collectors alike. As part of our campaign, we have taken this opportunity to audit the galleries exhibiting at this year’s Frieze as part of their wider investigation into gender inequality in the art world, ahead of publishing our annual survey in April 2013.

The ELF audit team have analysed the list of artists represented by each of the international galleries exhibiting in the commercial section of this year’s Frieze and have collated the following results from the data gathered[i]:

27.5% of the artists represented at Frieze Art Fair 2012 are women

(excluding collaborations and taken from a cumulative total of the amount of women represented by each gallery)

1.5% of the galleries represent less than one third male artists, 67%…

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