WOW festival 2012 / Bex Massey Residency

Dear all

Many thanks for all who came down to see us at WOW 2012 mid-March. Another inspirational event for a festival only in its second year of life. We are fantastically pleased that the WOW word is spreading with a WOW Baltimore happening this year and more WOWs across the globe springing up next year. And about time too.

VV have been mighty quiet of late, but with good reason we assure you…after a good year of promoting emerging female fine artists to our maximum capacity, we’ve needed a little time to develop our own practice.

Bex has embarked on an epic drawing a day project:

“Journalism and its manipulative impact on the psyche of the general public have long been a line of questioning in my work. In light of recent developments in Media representation and the on-going Leveson enquiry; the way in which news is collected and reported will change irrevocably. My latest series of work aims to document journalism in its current status. I will therefore be collating a body of work based on Media imagery throughout the month of March. Each day I will collect a newspaper and draw an image from one of the leading headlines. These drawings will be utilised to produce collages and the basis for large scale paintings.”  Bex Massey 2012

So keep an eye on the Bex Massey page for your daily news updates.

As well as this Bex is undertaking a residency at Central Foundation Girls School in Mile End. Quite literally sharing her practice working from images in the media, Bex has been working closely with an early entry GCSE cohort, teaching portraiture, drawing and painting techniques. Follow the links to her website and page here.

In the meantime El has be focusing on her MA in Art in Education in collaboration with the IOE and has an MA exhibition coming up at the end of July…more details v. soon. She is also working alongside artist Lucy Cash until July running the school side if the Whitechapel Gallery AIR project and planning another exhibition including some BTEC students. Again watch this space, check the ellie green facebook page for more details or check the Whitechapel website here.

Do let us know if there are projects YOU are involved with that you would like us to publicise!

A bientot


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